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samuel77 19Mar2007 15:56

Problesm with Game software
I have several simple games installed that were freeware (HappyLand, Alex the Aligator, etc). They have played just fine with no problems, but suddenly I am getting a black screen, with a little bar at the top of the screen where I can just barely read the name of the game on the left, and the OX boxes on the top right corner. I can hear the music from the game playing, but I can't "see" anything. And I can only get back to my normal screen by hitting Cntrl-Alt-Delete.

Also, with a game I purchased, The Longest Journey, was installed and playing just fine. Suddenly that too is not playing now. I do get an error message with this. It confused me, so I uninstalled the game, and then did a complete re-install. And I am getting the same error message.

a little box which reads

C:\TLJ\source\game\DX_Module\primarysurface.cpp 868.
check failed: Unrecognized error value

This means nothing to me. Can someone interpret for me. I really enjoy this game and would very much like to get it up and running again.

I am running a Compaq Presario 6420NX
AMD Athlon XP processor 2200+ op. at 1.8GHz
512 DDR SDRAM memory9

I don't really care that much about getting the other games to run, although I am curious as to why they suddenly stopped running correctly. But I really would like to get The Longest Journey working right, and I would appreciate any help someone can give me.

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