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amjadhiary 7Jun2005 12:00

Web Calendar

Hello There,

I am looking for an interactive calendar, with all month view to put it on the home page on this link:


to give me the month view and date highlited

i have a calendar system, but i need this calendar accorfing the home page design
its some thing like the small calendar in this page below:


Good Day
Thank you

shabbir 7Jun2005 12:06

Re: Web Calendar

to give me the month view and date highlited
all you have to do for highlighting the day is check if its current dat when displaying the clender and then if its the current date change the colour of the date to make it look highlighted

unregistered 7Jun2005 16:56

Re: Web Calendar
but i need the actual calendar, is there any built in componant for the calendar to include it in the page?

shabbir 8Jun2005 07:01

Re: Web Calendar
I dont think so but I am not an ASP Guru. Yes there is something in ASP.NET for calender.

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