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kccarter 18Mar2007 22:03

Override of operator new(size_t nSize)
what i am trying to do is this:

NeoGenesis::CNeoObject m_Obj = new NeoGenesis::CNeoObject();

this compiles with error: error C2440: 'initializing' : cannot convert from 'NeoGenesis::CNeoObject *' to 'NeoGenesis::CNeoObject' c:\Users\Almighty\Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\NeoGenesis\NeoGenesis\NeoGenesis.cpp

the thing I do not want the m_Obj to be a pointer. the current new override is written as follows.

void* CNeoObject::operator new(size_t nSize)
return malloc(nSize);

how do I go about doing this?

shabbir 18Mar2007 23:59

Re: Override of operator new(size_t nSize)
NeoGenesis::CNeoObject m_Obj = new NeoGenesis::CNeoObject();
should be in C++ as
NeoGenesis::CNeoObject *m_Obj = new NeoGenesis::CNeoObject();

because pointers in C++ are defined with *

DaWei 19Mar2007 00:03

Re: Override of operator new(size_t nSize)
Access to the heap is via pointers. Perhaps you could explain exactly what you're trying to achieve?

kccarter 19Mar2007 06:11

Re: Override of operator new(size_t nSize)
well I am at some point will have a game engine built from the ground up. I am not interested in takeing a existing game engine and doing my thing I want to build one and re-inforce what I know with c++ and how it is done. yes I eventually just might make a game but I want to start at the gorund level with an object then move that object into a collection list<ResourceManager template> and progress write on down the line. I may have mixed up c++ and C# in the initial getting started. as soon as I get the collections working I plan to move on to a memorypool manager and so forth. I am also a student and this will cover everything I need to know. data structures, algorythms, memory management and so forth.


DaWei 19Mar2007 06:35

Re: Override of operator new(size_t nSize)
You don't have to instantiate objects on the heap. If you do, they'll be referenced by pointers. Consider this: mission critical or life support systems don't use the heap in any important way (if at all). What if you asked for memory and didn't get it?

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