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zdunham6287 17Mar2007 05:45

Accessing a MySQL database in java
I've written a java program to insert data into a MySQL database hosted on godaddy.com, I'm still having trouble connecting to the database though.


      Connection connection = null; 
        { // load the driver
        catch( Exception e )
        { // problem loading driver, class not exist?
            connection = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://mysqladmin2.secureserver.net/277/","LyricsWhoreMain","imanidiot777");

I downloaded the necessary driver for a MySQL connection, I'm not totally sure about what to change the class path to, I figured out how to change it though, can anyone help me get a database connection working?

pradeep 17Mar2007 11:18

Re: Accessing a MySQL database in java
You'll find a lot of help here http://www.caliberdt.com/tips/Feb2004.htm

zdunham6287 18Mar2007 02:51

Re: Accessing a MySQL database in java
That helped me with the driver part thanks, now my other problem is that I get a connection timing out every time I try to connect. I have no idea how to fix that.

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