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Tragiccomic 14Mar2007 18:44

sql jobsite database sample
Hi Everyone,
Im a student in BCA 4th Sem and im working on a Jobsite Project. I am Having confusion on how a job site database looks like. i mean how is the structure and how the jobs are stored in the database. Can any one help me on this.

:) :)

shabbir 14Mar2007 19:17

Re: sql jobsite database sample
The database will depend on the requirement on what are the data you would like to store.

Tragiccomic 14Mar2007 20:07

Re: sql jobsite database sample
The database will contain the necessary information about the persons detail , like the resume. My problem is to get an idea of how the database of a jobsite should be. Since i would be taking in data about a person on a form , so it will be difficult for me to design the database and how many tables should it have.

shabbir 15Mar2007 07:29

Re: sql jobsite database sample
But if you are unable to design the database of the job site go one step at a time. Get the personal details of the user first then have the resume table.

As a very distant view I can suggest you to have the following tables

Tragiccomic 22Mar2007 12:59

Re: sql jobsite database sample
I am planning on having a user registration and login page too in this jobsite. So i think i will also need another table to store the username and password. but how can i build a database to related them with the resume which the posted. im confused .........

shabbir 22Mar2007 19:01

Re: sql jobsite database sample
Based on the username / userid you have in the user table link them to the column in the resume table which also has username / userid

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