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nadunalexander 14Mar2007 12:41

help me
I am a computer engineering student. Our primary language is java in our instution. Now I am on vacation. So I set up a training in a company. They are not using java or c++. They are using vb 6.0 and .Net. But I dont know any other than C++ and java.They asked me to learn any .Net language. But there are so many languages in .Net. What language will be comfortable with me? There are so many terms in software world ASP JSP XML etc..... some names are like same(java, java script, jsp, visual j++, visual j#.Net, J2ee). I am realy realy confused. I coudnt get a genral idea from these names? Is there any meaning or relationship between these names? My other question is that. :confused: I know java is more web comfortable. But people using so many languages in web. Why we cant satisfy only with java in web? What is the constraint of java?

pradeep 14Mar2007 13:36

Re: help me
As you know C++ and Java, I think you can learn either go for C# or J#

nadunalexander 15Mar2007 12:43

Re: help me
Thank u. I have seen they r confortable with me. In .Net in a single project can we use multiple languages because some team members prefered to work with VB.Net? What is major differennce between java and j#.net ? What advantages that has over java? pls reply me.

DaWei 16Mar2007 07:28

Re: help me
How is your logical reasoning ability? I would think that most reasonable people would realize that "Help Me" is not a good, searchable thread title for those looking for similar help in the future. Just a SWAG (sophisiticated wild-*** guess), or couse.

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