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reddy_sesha84 7Mar2007 20:43

Get Paid to Read, Surf & Click
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jack02 23May2007 19:06

Re: Get Paid to Read, Surf & Click
Hi, there. Previously I did join such programs but I fond them to be of no avail. I have now forgotten the names of most of them like there was one Paid to Read E-Mail and something like Dollar Cash, but they never seem to be paying anything to the end user! Well I can understand referrals mean a lot here, I am stating this taking that into my mind too. So what is the surety of payment here?

shabbir 23May2007 20:18

Re: Get Paid to Read, Surf & Click
They are all scams and nothing works for you until you have some genuine idea that may work

jpike8 16Jun2007 12:14

Re: Get Paid to Read, Surf & Click
Here's a way to earn money by just clicking on ads. Just click on 10 ads a day and earn $30 every month.

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Then click on surf ads and start earning. Your current earnings after every click will be shown live so no transpirancy. So start earning now.

tigers 11Jan2008 08:11

Re: Get Paid to Read, Surf & Click
what is the link ?

shabbir 11Jan2008 09:04

Re: Get Paid to Read, Surf & Click
Its removed as it is considered spam

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