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LenoxFinlay 13Jul2009 17:21

Re: Types of Server
I am trying to integrate into a school district email system but need to know the server names ingoing and outgoing. can this be done with the free yahoo?

pradeep 15Jul2009 14:22

Re: Types of Server
@LenoxFinlay : How are you integrating the email system? Free yahoo does not provide POP3/SMTP

Hex00010 23Jul2009 10:25

Re: Types of Server
As pradeep said no + why would u even want to use yahoo as there email lacks instant emails

a hint perhaps? google is ur best choice

priyankakondal 27Jul2010 20:52

Re: Types of Server
hey pradeep!!! plzz help me out... m nt gettng nythng abt iterative server and concurrent server,.......... i want d info in detail...... kindly rply asap/........... i'l b thankful 2 u.......

anurag mani tripathi 15Sep2010 13:13

Re: Types of Server
hello sir,
i want to make server computer.
so plzzz help me..

Darrelljones 28Jan2011 00:21

Re: Types of Server
Great article Pradeep,Thanks for sharing.I want to share one more point---A server is a device with a particular set of programs or protocols that provide various services, which other machines or clients request, to perform certain tasks. Together, a server and its clients form a client/server network which provides routing systems and centralized access to information, resources, stored data, etc. At the most ground level, one can consider it as a technology solution that serves files, data, print, fax resources and multiple computers.

arvindgvt1 28Jan2011 18:20

Re: Types of Server
Thanks friends........

seoabhisek 1Feb2011 12:29

Re: Types of Server
very gud question i'll cunsult it with my coleagues

Trimegisto 22Sep2011 16:52

Re: Types of Server
I would like to add the Certificate Servers and the Communication Servers

av3lard 24May2012 07:32

Re: Types of Server
i learn a lot from it. great article keep it up

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