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samsmile007 1Mar2007 20:32

tell me clearly
can any one tell me wat is polymorphism,inheritance,encapsulation,data Abstraction...?
just the basic diference and meaning is enough....!
if possible post with simple codings..!

shabbir 2Mar2007 10:56

Re: tell me clearly
Go through the following articles

The three major concepts of C++ By Sanskruti
Polymorphism in C++ By Sanskruti
A beginner's guide to Object Orientation By Sanskruti
Inheritance & Polymorphism By me
Basics For Generic Programming By Jaihind

samsmile007 6Mar2007 13:21

Re: tell me clearly
thank u shabbir...!
can u suggest me abt precedence level for operators..!

shabbir 6Mar2007 13:23

Re: tell me clearly
Refer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operators_in_C_and_C++

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