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Nabi Bux 26Feb2007 23:47

Process block control
Hi every one i new i this forum I university student
I have goted assinmet from my miss as follow
Create tow fuction using c code block the first fuction and start the second funtion after completing the second funtion start first funtion from you block it means resume it where it was block if it takes tow minutes to execute let after one minute yu block it after comleting second fuction it must start from this 1 minutes not from zero
Hope help thank :)

shabbir 27Feb2007 11:17

Re: Process block control
Have you tried anything?

Nabi Bux 27Feb2007 16:36

Re: Process block control
No :mad:

shabbir 27Feb2007 17:16

Re: Process block control

Originally Posted by Nabi Bux
No :mad:

Try something and let us have the code where you are stuck. I am sure there isnt any program simpler than yours apart from hello world.

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