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s e 21Feb2007 11:06

Help Needed im a beginner and im Lost
ahem ahem
ok here goes nothing
hi all my name is sarah and im a brand new developer and im writing this becoz i really need help from u guys.i dont know whether or not this is the right thread to write in if its not then ull have a clue of how lost i am :)
im sorry if im goin to talk too much (or already did) but really just bear with me a min
ive started working 6 months ago and the tools i use r mainly c# & asp.net (VS2005) and sql server (2005) however i have a fair idea about java, html,javascript,oracle developer, datastructure
but im lost becoz the only thing my senior wants to teach me is how not a gr8 person he is...he teaches me nothing and even when he takes my code he doesnt look at it and if he does he doesnt show me wt i got wrong , and so many things id prefer not to say, i have no idea what to do and i heard he wants to send some of my poor team to data entry!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean im a programmer and i love it and im ready to work like hell and i want to LEARN!!! now my major is accounting but i got the best scholarship in my country (Egypt by the way) to study programming and i did really well in it but they give us the basics of each language and then u choose which one u want to complete in... so i need to know wt to do now?
what should i learn??? i mean wt is really important for me to know like threads, networking,.... and what other tools or languages should i learn to help me like UML, XML,software engineering, also how can i know what is the best way to retreive and send info from my database both for the processor,server,memory........ i know my Q isnt really specific but i neeed anything u can offer me.
and realy if u guys dont answer thank u already for reading until now just getting it out helped :)
i would be most grateful for any suggesstions about steps to take, things to study, suggested material,...etc
thank u so much and take care

shah123 3Apr2007 15:48

Re: Help Needed im a beginner and im Lost
hey, Always take one thing and take it into future. I would advise you to be familiar with .Net technologies as much work is going into that. catch C# and Asp.NEt and SQl Server use them as much u can.
UML and other stuff are part of all education and tools u can learn them time to time.

shabbir 3Apr2007 16:03

Re: Help Needed im a beginner and im Lost
In the proffesional world no one is going to teach you, rather you need to be adding values to yourself all the time and I guess you are in the right domain but just learn every day and that would be the best way to go about it.

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