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s7ub 21Feb2007 03:02


I'm new member here.. and I'll be grateful if anyone can answer my Question:

How to generate software to implement encryption mechanisem? any kind of
encryption. also what kind of programm can be use?

If there is any possibility to provide me with sources to learn or showed me
the steps to do it.

I will be looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible.

Thank you in Advance

Best Regard,
S7_ub :)

shabbir 21Feb2007 09:14

Re: Hello
What do you meant by generating the software. Do you mean writing one from scratch?

s7ub 21Feb2007 17:05

More Explanation
Implement the Data Encryption Standard (DES) by software.

The implementation must build and then use to encrypt the plaintext strings

in the end must provide details of design and software for the DES implementation.

thank you for all who reply

Kind Regard,

shabbir 21Feb2007 21:30

Re: Hello
Do you want some one here should implement that for you??

s7ub 21Feb2007 21:34

Re: Hello
NO surely not..

I wanna to do it.. but just need explanation of how to do it..

i mean the steps.. or resources can help me to do it.. like books.. ppt .. pdf

anyway.. thanxx alot..

shabbir 21Feb2007 22:04

Re: Hello
Apart from the good idea of the algo the reference section of wiki ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Data_Encryption_Standard ) has some good links to the books.

s7ub 21Feb2007 22:50

Re: Hello
Thanxx Mr. for your reply.. :)

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