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NubUnfortunately 20Feb2007 05:08

Defining OEP

I must admit i am complete noob at all programming and such, but i really am interested to hook up with things and learn time-by-time. :o

What i would like to know is what is this OEP exactly? Is it some acronym for something? Because i tried out PEiD to look with that .exe's are made for fun. Then i loaded with "Generic OEP unpacker" one game's .exe and it said OEP found - there you could change it with some other number

But, please, someone explain exactly what OEP is? What can you do it? What happens if you change the OEP number in exe (to what you can change?) and so on.

I tried to google for OEP, but it gave too much common information.

I would be happy if someone explains the meaning of OEP and gives some site to learn more about it :o


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