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sofhiathomas 23Jun2014 17:02

Canonical Error
What is meant by canonical errors? How to overcome such errors? :worried:

shabbir 23Jun2014 20:21

Re: Canonical Error

Originally Posted by sofhiathomas (Post 100856)
What is meant by canonical errors? How to overcome such errors? :worried:

You can just Google that and it would be instant answer to you.

Also this link should help - http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/seo-ad...onicalization/

AmanBansal 24Jun2014 12:13

Re: Canonical Error
When your home page opens with both "301" and "non 301" is known as canonical error. Sometime Canonical URL (best URL version) is also referred as "Preferred Domain".

Canonicalization (Methods to set this problem)

1. Set your preferred domain (using webmaster tool)

2. Specify the canonical link for each version of the page
PHP Code:

For Example:
link rel="canonical" href="URL"
Add this extra information to the section of non-canonical URLs

3. Indicate your canonical (preferred) URLs by including them in a Sitemap

4. Indicate how you would like Google to handle dynamic parameters. (by using Parameter Handling)

prabhunexevo 22Jul2015 16:13

Re: Canonical Error
great to know about canonical error and thanks for the question as well as response from amanbansal

johnniewalk 6Oct2015 18:06

Re: Canonical Error
Cannonical error is nothing but for a website opening you need to make 301 redirection from one url to another as a permanent

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