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ismailctg 26May2014 11:31

gps tracker data format
Hi experts,

I have a gps tracker device, i m getting data from that device but this is not understandable.
The format is :

(08804610345345,470,001,55f8,5c05,38,55f8,5c06,32, 55f8,5c07,25)

what is the meaning of this data format? Plz i need answer

shabbir 26May2014 17:23

Re: gps tracker data format
Could be anything and so read through the guide that gave that date to you.

ismailctg 26May2014 18:02

Re: gps tracker data format
Brother which guide and in which date????

xpi0t0s 30May2014 20:38

Re: gps tracker data format
>>Brother which guide and in which date????

Well you need to be a bit more specific.

>>I have a gps tracker device

That's nice for you. Don't you know there are millions of devices out there and we have absolutely no idea which one you are talking about?

>>which date?

He meant "data". This data -> (08804610345345,470,001,55f8,5c05,38,55f8,5c06,32, 55f8,5c07,25)

This data is incomprehensible to anyone who doesn't know what the format is. Which we would know from the device documentation. Which we can't look at because you assumed we would automatically know. Experts we are, but we aren't mind readers.

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