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Renad 12Dec2013 17:54

How to draw truth table
Use truth tables to show whether the following two Boolean expressions are equivalent or not


xpi0t0s 17Dec2013 05:53

Re: How to draw truth table
The way I would do this is to draw several columns: A and B for the first two counting up from 00 to 11 to list all 4 possibilities, then the next two would be NOT A and NOT B, then the next A AND NOT B, the next NOT (A AND NOT B), and the next NOT A OR B. All columns except the first two are easy enough to calculate; if you get stuck then show how far you got and where you got stuck. Comparison of the last two columns will show whether or not the expressions are equivalent.

rutu12 11Apr2015 11:01

Re: How to draw truth table
This can be describe by images or video , how to explain it here from words???

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