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kyle 7Sep2013 16:51

9.3 GB dissapear after defragmentation
Hi !
I am running out of the diskspace currently...
The harddisk i'm currently using... a 102GB hard drive
Last night i had like 3.02 GB free of 102 GB... i did a disk cleanup and it saved me about 6GB
so i got about 9.3 GB free
I decided to make a defragmentation of the disk so that it is clean and betters its performance
After it i ended up with 403 MB free of 102GB
Anybody can explain what happened ?! :crazy::crazy::crazy:

ChavezAngela 6Jul2016 17:31

Re: 9.3 GB dissapear after defragmentation
Your lost disk space is probably allocated to the shadow copy System restore points, which by default takes up to 15 % of the total capacity of hard drive.

Deleting some system restore points will not give disk space back as windows permanently assigns some hard drive space for system restore, you can reduce the disk space assigned for system restore.

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