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pradeep 9Aug2013 16:54

Ruby Tips & Tricks
In this article I would to share a few lesser known coding tips & tricks in Ruby language, this has helped me make my code shorter and write code quicker, nevertheless the more you know the higher the chances of finding out some trick yourself.

Delete a directory tree

Sometimes, we need to delete whole directories, and I have seen people resorting to the use of shell command for the purpose, but that is not needed. Ruby has a module fileutils which is better.

Code: Ruby

require 'fileutils'
FileUtils.rm_r '/tmp/myTempDirectory/'

Using Non-Strings or Symbols as Hash key

This nice trick is very handy, checkout the example below:

Code: Ruby

is = { true => 'Yes', false => 'No' }

p is[ 10 == 11 ] # -> No
p is[ 10 > 9 ] # -> Yes

Easy way to join array elements

Did you know that you can join arrays using the * operator? Here's how:


p [1,2,3,4] * " | " # -> "1,2,3,4"
p %w{pradeep anjali asha} * "," # -> "pradeep,anjali,asha"

Applying the * operator to an array with a number will increase the size of the array, but passing a string will join the array using the passed string as delimiter.

Use ranges for comparison of numbers

Now you would need to combine multiple conditions with and/or, just use this:

Code: Ruby

number = 4

suffix = case number
           when 1 then "st"
           when 2 then "nd"
           when 3 then "rd"
           when 4..10 then "th"

puts number.to_s << suffix

Interpolating Strings easily

Interpolate format strings and substitute with values easily like this:

Code: Ruby

vars = %w{Anjali 3 Kolkata}

puts "%s is %s and stays in %s" % vars

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