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casy001 7Aug2013 19:41

Professional Content Writer Wanted

We are about to launch our new website soon. All of the graphics and technical part are ready. Qualitative content is the only thing we need. That's exactly why we are currently looking for a professional and experienced content writer who will be able to produce excellent and unique texts for our web pages. The work will also include the strategic placement and repetition of keywords/keyword phrases related to our business line. The texts should be done in a manner that the website visitors/readers would consider normal and understandable.

We are interested in Native English Speakers from the US, UK, Canada and Australia. The applicants from other countries are not considered.

The budget is negotiable. It would be a plus if you could give a rough pricing on your services.

Important: Kindly provide at least 2 samples of your work so that we can get a better idea of your experience.

Thank you.

ericaclayton 21Sep2015 09:43

Re: Professional Content Writer Wanted
Thank you for the information.

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