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XCtoTri 31Jul2013 20:49

Finding correct IP once you direct connect
So to start off I am very new to this hacking thing, I just learned how to get to cmd yesterday.. so I'm a total noob.
I made a yahoo messenger, convinced my friend to message me, and I just send him a link to some youtube video, and right when I clicked send I clicked on the cmd box and hit enter. (I had already typed in whatever i needed to type, netstat -n I think) and then it gave me a huge long list of IP's.
I assume that one of those was his, and I have read you have to figure out which one it is, but how can you know, when there are hundreds to choose from?
Thanks in advance for your expert knowledge and help!

Rofellos 7Aug2013 03:34

Re: Finding correct IP once you direct connect
Try to find out witch port the application is using. Yahoo Messenger uses 5050 and 80 for text messages. So you just have to find the IP connected to these ports.

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