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olemal01 2Jul2013 19:33

Virus for a scammer
hi all,

I identified a scammer on craigslist who sends out fake paypal notifications about a payment made and then requests an item to be sent to an address in Nigeria (i guest this is where he/she lives). Some people have taken the bait and sent the stuff but I did some reading up and figured it out. I am playing around with this a-hole saying I am going to send the item, etc. - I already got a fake paypal-looking email saying the payment has been made :) thats too funny. So I tell him/her that I will send the item some time today. What I would love to do is to generate a fake email from fedex, usps, etc. that says that the item has been shipped and add some kind of nasty virus to the tracking link to teach the ******* a lesson. Paypal has been notified of the issue but they can't do much or do not seem to care. Quite some trusting Americans were scammed this way.

I have his/her email and also phone number he texted me from. I welcome any ideas/suggestions because I do not think it is right to do crap like this.


shabbir 2Jul2013 22:25

Re: Virus for a scammer
You are saying it is not right to do such crap and you are also doing the same.

olemal01 3Jul2013 02:47

Re: Virus for a scammer
No sir, you got this completely wrong.

if noone is doing anything about injustice, it is to me as if you are participating in it. Of course, it is easy to leave things as they are but in this case I would like to see how this can be changed.

but of course if you support scammers and such, this is your personal choice.

shabbir 3Jul2013 08:29

Re: Virus for a scammer
Neither I know the scammer nor you and so how do I know that you are not the one who is trying to wrong things?

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