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technitute 6Apr2013 17:57

Hiiii Members , My Introduction
Hiiii, i m here for share some ideas and points to help others. I m Expert in Machine language and In MATLAB Programming. I m expert in because my final year project is based on this programming. I have small knowledge about HTML, CSS and PHP. Recently, i m running a forum as its my hobby named Technitute forum. write on google Technitute that's it..... I also help the others here in this forum but due to less members i come here to helps you.
I have also an Social Networking site for engineers named Geek Engineers network. just put social after domain name. You can Make your Freinds also there.

Technitute Member :crazy:

coderzone 6Apr2013 18:10

Re: Hiiii Members , My Introduction
Technitute forum looks empty.

technitute 7Apr2013 00:01

Re: Hiiii Members , My Introduction
Yes......... Becoz it has no much members yet....... Pastly i running the blog here...... But now for helping others i changed the forum on homepage and blog in the subdirectory....... For blog you have to only type blog after domain name.....

shabbir 7Apr2013 00:07

Re: Hiiii Members , My Introduction
Still I see so many ads being injected into the site which is a big mistake that I have been saying time and again. See the first point here

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