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david_BS 24Mar2013 23:17

Steam_RCP: Steam-like GUI and DB connection
This is a program I made in 2012, a simple project of a management application in C#.
It is a program that performs operations in a SQL Server database.

Its GUI is intended to look more or less like the Steam plataform GUI.

This is ReadMe.txt

Steam_RCP is a program with a GUI that tries to look like
the 'Steam' plataform.

It makes a connection with a SQL Server database and it allows to
perform operations on the said database.

It is a simple management system.
It was done with educational purposes as a proyect of .NET programming
students, when starting 2012.

The point of publishing it, is for those who attempt to do something
similar, so they can make use of this project as a basesource.

Functionalities of a GUI were emulated as far as posible, like the same
original functionalities on Windows, since there were blocked some of
them so the program can recreate them by itself.

This publication doesn't include the SQL code for building the database,
and it doesn't include either, the DER diagram of the database.

What is indeed included is the full source code to the application,
the source code of an installer and the installation files.

It looks like this:

MSVC# 2010 Project
I leave you the link to the project:

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