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sanchitmalhotra 15Mar2013 15:32

Advantage of rich-snippets in seo.
What is the main benefit of using rich snippets, and how it is beneficial for our website.

shabbir 15Mar2013 15:39

Re: Advantage of rich-snippets in seo.
The best advantage is it makes your site a brand. On top of that there are many other advantages like getting more clicks in SERP though you are not among the top results because your authorship or ratings or other data is directly displayed in the results.

JdSchmit622 25Mar2013 15:43

Re: Advantage of rich-snippets in seo.
The best benefits is that it creates your website a product. your authorship or scores or other information is straight shown in the outcomes.. . .

riyaz123 21Jul2014 13:25

Re: Advantage of rich-snippets in seo.
Rich snippet will give you extra more information about the pages like time, website cost, event date. images, video. For this we should use Microdata or microformate in HTML code.

mialuzzatto 17Aug2015 18:48

Re: Advantage of rich-snippets in seo.

If you don’t win the click, you can’t make the sale. But if you don’t get noticed, you can’t win the click.

Ecommerce sites need to take advantage of every option to entice searchers to click on their page instead of a competitor’s. Rich snippets enable sites to embellish their search results with add-ons like ratings and photos, which draw the searcher’s eye as well as offering additional information.

With so many paid ads, image results, and other visually stimulating elements vying for attention on the search results page, rich snippets can be that special something that draws the eye and wins the click.

Mia Luzzatto

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