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rajkumar12 19Feb2013 10:37

Social Signals
Recently I watched a video of Matt Cutts and there he mentioned that they are now keeping an eye on social signals as well.
So should I also get some back links from social media/networking sites ?

I also would like to know how social signals affect SEO ?

shabbir 19Feb2013 10:59

Re: Social Signals
That is a very old video you are referring to. Social impact is already very deep now. Get yourself updated.

Kunalmathur 23Feb2013 04:49

Re: Social Signals
I'm a big believer in the increasing role of social signals in search. Likes, +1s, and social links are still a noisy signal, which affects their use by search..


prabhunexevo 24Jul2015 17:42

Re: Social Signals
yeah social signals also considered by google by amount of visitors getting for each profile/page

johnniewalk 19Jan2016 17:24

Re: Social Signals
Social media is used for the website traffic purpose i think not for the backlink

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