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shabbir 22Jan2013 13:04

Major Upgrade on 26th Jan 2013
Its been long time since we had any announcement because I was working on a major upgrade to Go4Expert and finally it is in the final testing stage which is expected to complete by this weekend.

So on 26th Jan 2013 we will be going live with the new backend version.

Enjoy Go4Expert !!!

coderzone 22Jan2013 16:05

Re: Major Upgrade on 26th Jan 2013
Finally upgrading to vB4 or vB5?

shabbir 22Jan2013 16:11

Re: Major Upgrade on 26th Jan 2013
Not actually. In 2012 there was lot of ifs and buts in my mind about upgrading to vB4 and vB5 though looks promising but not how I expected it to be.

So thoughts of moving to XenForo also came into my mind but then did not go with XenForo because though it is really great forum out of the box but no development for last year or so because of the legal action on them by vBulletin made me to wait to see if things settle down.

Finally I decided to move to custom coding and so now everything would be customized by me because I am fed up with vBulletins lack of development on areas I prefer.

So now the final decision is to use vB3 and customize it the way we prefer it instead of waiting for others to upgrade the forums.

shabbir 26Jan2013 05:35

Re: Major Upgrade on 26th Jan 2013
We are live on the major upgrade now. :D

Do let me know the feedback. The changes is mostly in the backend but main change in front end is section based urls.

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