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Prasanna_Adhikari 6Jan2013 09:54

Choosing a compiler
Hello everyone, I am student of IT, I am currently on first semester. I know basics of C programming. There is Java programming in my third semester, so I want to prepare for it. I don't know which compiler my college will suggest me but in order to practice I want help from you all to choose a simple one to begin basics of Java. And also it would be helpful if you suggest me any books to start.

ManzZup 14Jan2013 12:18

Re: Choosing a compiler
you dont have to worry about the compiler since oracle jdk 's compiler would be the one there [there are other GNU ones too but the official one is always better] you can download it from there site

try java complete reference
or beginners guide to java [like thing]

java kind of has a similarity in syntax with C but the concepts are far different so dont mix up

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