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rajkumar12 28Dec2012 16:21

URL Replace Problem
We added a new page in our website about some very important information related to our business. I have been doing SEO of this page's URL for about 1 month and after 1 month it came to the second page of Google. I should be happy now. But here my problem starts here. It has been replaced by another URL of our website:confused:. Now what to do ? Should I stop doing seo for that page's url or should I do seo for that new replaced url ?? Please Guide :cryin:

ozsubasi 28Dec2012 18:02

Re: URL Replace Problem
I'm not quite sure what you mean, are you saying that for a specific keyword, the page you have been trying to rank for (for that keyword) has now dropped off from page 2 of Google but another of your pages is now on page 2?

davidgaffer 3Jan2013 03:14

Re: URL Replace Problem
You have to wait for a week and see which page is in second page of google the new one or old one.

rajkumar12 8Jan2013 18:08

Re: URL Replace Problem
Yes sir exactly this is my problem. Please help and suggest what to do in this situation ?

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