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teeshaandamidah 6Dec2012 12:05

viewing facebook messages
Hi!!! i am a ewbie here, one of my friends direct me to this website to get help concerning my problem.i need your help hacking my baby's dad facebook account.
he left me and our 7 months old 3 weeks ago. and he is reluctant about having to pay child support i'm in college i can't fully take care of our son on my own. i need to print one message he sent to one of his ex girlfriend with whom he also had a kid with that he left also.because he's denying that the kid is his. I need to show that to court. we will be going to court in a few days. please can you help me?

bassia 7Dec2012 20:06

Re: viewing facebook messages
i'm sorry to hear that and i hope that your problem get resolved soon, but i think no one can help you in this, the forums is to share knowledge between members not to hack people's accounts

meetjsh 12Dec2012 18:44

Re: viewing facebook messages
hacking is not 5 minutes job.. just hack something and get all the details. It can take from 1 hour to months, depend on security used by victim. Facebook uses Https environment now, despite it can be hacked. First hacker needs to do through research on victim. Then he kicks off for actual hacking

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