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alisa1 9Nov2012 11:42

Hello Friends,

Now I want to learn VB.net but I have no any book related to VB.net.
If you know the name of good book then please let me know ..
I need it .....

state 10Nov2012 11:29

Re: VB.net
VB.Net for Dummies.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to VB.Net

jamessaunders832 27Nov2012 13:01

Re: VB.net

Try searching on Wikibooks or Amazon, you will probably find suitable ones.

I can also recommend you a site that offers various sample programs in VB.Net. If you are interested you can Google on: "Ozeki VoIP SDK for creating a VB.Net Softphone"

Hope you will find my information useful and good luck for learning VB.Net.

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