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Databasesfordummes 6Nov2012 20:51

Beginner - how to draw a relational database (plan)

What do people mean when they say to "draw a database"?

I need to draw a relational database and I'm a absolute beginner. I'm not sure what is meant by the word draw? I was going to either write/draw it out but I downloaded MySQL in case it would be useful.

Where do I start with this? Do I need to just write out the titles of all the different areas of info that I need or do I draw almost a mindmap type of plan where I say that, for example, a name is connected another piece of info and so on. How do I differentiate between what goes under primary key, secondary key, entity(?) etc or do I even need to go in to that much detail if it's just an initial drawing of the database.

Thank you for your suggestions and for your patience with my lack of skills!


Databasesfordummes 7Nov2012 13:54

Re: Beginner - how to draw a relational database (plan)
84 views and no suggestions yet - uhoh! If anyone could give any suggestions, even a quick pointer as to what a plan entails or should look like. I have no idea where to start, so any suggestions at all, even for databases in general, would be great :)

I also have no idea how to use "MySql", so the basic steps of setting up things and what the basic buttons mean would also be really helpful, as reading about it on the net is so confusing!

Thanks again.

state 10Nov2012 11:23

Re: Beginner - how to draw a relational database (plan)
Hello Databasesfordummies
Drawing means drawing.You can draw an ER diagram depicting the relationship between the entities and also depict the attributes associated with them.There are tons of other things you can do.
All the Best

Juliette 10Jul2014 23:08

Re: Beginner - how to draw a relational database (plan)
ER diagrams (entity-relationship diagrams) are a great why to draw a database. Being a beginner I would suggest using Lucid Chart to do this. They are so easy to use and very professional. Go look up Lucidchart ER diagrams, it's very helpful!

sachin 11Jan2015 08:11

Re: Beginner - how to draw a relational database (plan)
Dear experts i am getting very valuble suggestions from u all .now i got challenge infront of me. i got my college project for creating a windows application software of about student details i.e, it should be able to display his all details about from his residential address to college profile about NAME,R.NO:,HIS MARKS,ATTENDANCE etc.etc.what i need from u is we have an overview of about creating application but i don't know how to interface it with linking them from various departments of college for example to update marks list,mobile number to change the marks or number etc .how the database should be created.how to create link between them .we are total four members of team.is it possible to do our project complete in 50 days. plz anything i wrongly mentioned forgive me .give any information about this .i am expecting a lot from u.
thank you friends.

rutu12 2Mar2015 11:56

Re: Beginner - how to draw a relational database (plan)
Great suggestions .
This forum is really helpful to learn new things about programming

mialuzzatto 16Oct2015 14:41

Re: Beginner - how to draw a relational database (plan)

You can choose to use the Block Diagram and the Basic Drawing Shapes to draw your database model diagrams, but since there is a special template for Database Model diagram, we will look at that first. Open the Entity Relationship template and object relationship template from the ERD & Database category. For a quick start, on the Libraries menu, point to ERD & Database item, and then click Entity Relationship and Object Relationship item.

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