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denialbob 30Oct2012 14:02

Google Analytics connection
Hello Experts.

Just developed an iphone App and i want track my app with my analytic account. I did configure very correctly twice or thrice a time, but still Analytic did not gathered any data for me.

My app is not approved yet by Apple. But it's Live and one can use this app if i will share with him.

Please guide how to connect my app record with my Analytic Account.

Any Suggestion greatly accepted.

shabbir 30Oct2012 14:59

Re: Google Analytics connection
Keep related in threads.

Your submitted this thread in Search Engine Marketing and then added your domain link in the next post where as your thread topic and your second post was no way related.

Regarding your query, you have to add your Analytics code into your app execution and ideally you should be using events of GA

denialbob 30Oct2012 15:14

Re: Google Analytics connection
Okay I will keep this in mind.

I already done everything is mentioned, implement tracking code, to my apps and goals. But still not find any solution.

shabbir 30Oct2012 16:01

Re: Google Analytics connection
Is the JS code being executed in your App? If yes then there should not be an issue for things being tracked.

denialbob 30Oct2012 16:23

Re: Google Analytics connection
yes JS code excuted after request reached to GNtracke

shabbir 30Oct2012 17:33

Re: Google Analytics connection
Then it would show the details in Google. There should not be an issue.

What issues you are having then?

denialbob 30Oct2012 18:42

Re: Google Analytics connection
That's the thing, neither i shown an Error or anything. And i also tracked my code to. the information is is going to google but doesn't showed in my analytic account.

currently log showing that event going properly.

[10/29/2012 6:53:16 PM] but not in google analytics
[10/29/2012 6:53:39 PM] 2012-10-29 18:30:53.917 jockspin[798:207] EVENT Track::Category=sections,Action=open,label=Your Stories
2012-10-29 18:30:53.917 jockspin[798:207] GoogleAnalyticsPlugin.trackEvent::sections, open, Your Stories, 666
[Switching to process 798 thread 0x5407]
2012-10-29 18:31:08.643 jockspin[798:207] EVENT Track::Category=sections,Action=open,label=Arizona Diamondbacks
2012-10-29 18:31:08.644 jockspin[798:207] GoogleAnalyticsPlugin.trackEvent::sections, open, Arizona Diamondbacks, 666
2012-10-29 18:31:18.681 jockspin[798:207] EVENT Track::Category=sections,Action=open,label=Atlanta Braves
2012-10-29 18:31:18.681 jockspin[798:207] GoogleAnalyticsPlugin.trackEvent::sections, open, Atlanta Braves, 666
2012-10-29 18:31:20.476 jockspin[798:207] EVENT Track::Category=sections,Action=open,label=Baltimo re Orioles
2012-10-29 18:31:20.477 jockspin[798:207] GoogleAnalyticsPlugin.trackEvent::sections, open, Baltimore Orioles, 666

But still i didn't find anything in my analytic account

shabbir 30Oct2012 18:45

Re: Google Analytics connection
No this is not the right way to track things.

What I will suggest is to try this.

Create a dummy page on your web server and add default analytics code for site. Then call this page in an inframe and see if things work as expected. If it does then the way you are calling Analytics code has the issue.

denialbob 1Nov2012 09:49

Re: Google Analytics connection
Hello Admin

Thanks for the suggestion. But I didn't get what you point out. I already configured analytic for my domain and it's working quite fine. But i am not able to configure it to my app. Can you suggest me the briefly please.

denialbob 2Nov2012 11:21

Re: Google Analytics connection
Hello Admin,
Are you sure, to call an iframe? How can i call an iframe in my iphone App???

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