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sh4sh4 9Oct2012 13:13

help please
Theft of information in any way which does not appear in C # I made an executable program, for example, the program in the background of everyone entering my website will run, does not know is impossible, firefox passwords, cookies, etc ... I can play all the details, but I do not want to do anything illegal, you may make money, how?

xpi0t0s 10Oct2012 02:55

Re: help please
First by using plain and simple language.

sh4sh4 10Oct2012 03:04

Re: help please
i made a program ,its stealth and slealing any file or everyting you want in the target computer.Howevet,how can i make it money or what is its beneits to me ?
i think its understandable now.

Thanks for answers,
i am watig for answers again please

xpi0t0s 10Oct2012 21:28

Re: help please
This is not that kind of board. You need to find some ethics.

sh4sh4 11Oct2012 23:38

Re: help please
do you have any suggestion?

xpi0t0s 12Oct2012 04:19

Re: help please
Delete it and earn money honestly - with a proper job.

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