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ozsubasi 1Oct2012 17:52

Exact match domains
Google announced a few days ago that they are rolling out a "small" algorithmic change aimed to "reduce low-quality ‘exact-match’ domains” from showing up so highly in the search results".

My site has an exact match domain for my main keyword and I have seen it slip from where it has been at No1 for about a year to No2. This isn't exactly earth shattering but what is irritating is that the No1 spot has gone to one of the "big" players who do not specialize in what I do, it is just one of their many options.
Has anyone else noticed any changes?

shabbir 1Oct2012 18:08

Re: Exact match domains
Make sure you don't get into the low quality content clause and so get new content coming and links to the inner pages as well.

I have seen ezine links are working really well for me

ozsubasi 1Oct2012 18:58

Re: Exact match domains
I don't think I am short on content or that quality is an issue, but I appreciate that it could be for some who have been relying on their domain name for their rankings.
My problem is that I can't compete with the overall content of much larger sites, even though mine is tailored to what the domain name and keyword are about. But being No2 is as I said not a disaster, users can see that one is a multinational site and the other is local and they can make their own choice.
I don't use ezine because I don't write articles.

shabbir 1Oct2012 19:01

Re: Exact match domains
You don't need to write articles and it can be outsourced as well. I have done that and seeing good response but make sure you get deep links and not home page links always.

ozsubasi 4Oct2012 11:59

Re: Exact match domains
There is something I do not understand. If I search for my keyword "Altinkum property for sale", (using Chrome incognito) I am as said now at No2.
The site at No1 is findaproperty.com but when I click on the link to it, it redirects to page which does not even mention Altinkum. How can that happen?

shabbir 4Oct2012 13:47

Re: Exact match domains
I don't see that result of findaprop

ozsubasi 4Oct2012 14:08

Re: Exact match domains
That's odd that you get a different result to me. I just tried it again and it still redirects, and the same thing happened when I used Firefox and a proxy. When I click on the link it goes to http://overseas.zoopla.co.uk/#fap

shabbir 4Oct2012 16:22

Re: Exact match domains
Google results nowadays vary on location very much.

ozsubasi 4Oct2012 20:33

Re: Exact match domains
ok I understand that the search results can vary according to location, but should that affect whether or not a url redirects?

shabbir 4Oct2012 20:35

Re: Exact match domains

Originally Posted by ozsubasi (Post 97801)
ok I understand that the search results can vary according to location, but should that affect whether or not a url redirects?

No, No. I meant to say that I am not able to see that listing in Google but yes that redirects for me as well.

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