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cmdemp 28Sep2012 11:07

Hasp Software protection cracking.

I have some software called chief architect 9.0 which is housing design software. It uses a parallel port hardware lock to run and i have recently upgraded to a new laptop which does not have a parallel port. Is there any way i can hack or emulate the hardware lock to get the program to run on my new laptop? I have tried a parallel port to USB converter but the software doesn't recognize the device through this. The lock is made by HASP.

Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated.


nodongle 1Oct2012 10:23

Re: Hasp Software protection cracking.

You can make dump of your dongle using h5dmp tool.

The passwords of your dongle is: 0x6555 0x5DEB

cmdemp 2Oct2012 10:28

Re: Hasp Software protection cracking.
Thankyou for the advice.
I have done a small amount of research and an having trouble completely understanding the process.

Is there any more advice you can provide me with in trying to get this working? or lead me towards a website that you believe will be able to help me further.
I have very little experience with this type of program.

nodongle 2Oct2012 11:03

Re: Hasp Software protection cracking.
1. Run the tool with parameters:
h5dmp 0x6555 0x5DEB
h5dmp 0x5DEB 0x6555

2. convert the created dump files to public solution format
for example, multikey

cmdemp 5Oct2012 02:02

Re: Hasp Software protection cracking.
I am having a little trouble installing multikey on my 64 bit win7. Can you aid me on this matter? I have done a fair amount of internet searching but am finding it hard to find an active link to download the files i require.
You seem to be quite clued up about this, do you have a link to a website that can help provide me with the files i require?

nodongle 5Oct2012 07:49

Re: Hasp Software protection cracking.
For install the multikey driverunder Windows 64-bit you need disable drivers sign checking by DSEO tool.

cmdemp 14Nov2012 13:47

Re: Hasp Software protection cracking.
Hi i am trying to attack this problem again and am having trouble with the h5dump

I am using the password that you supplied and everything seems to work fine but the only output i am getting is a 1kb file named hasp.dmp. Now through my reading i think i should be getting this file and one other file hhl_mem.dmp and am guessing they will both be larger than 1 kb?

Can you please help me with this?


nodongle 14Nov2012 14:29

Re: Hasp Software protection cracking.
There is possible two reasons:
1. your dongle model is HASP4
2. you need run h5dmp tool under administrative privileges

cmdemp 15Nov2012 05:41

Re: Hasp Software protection cracking.
Ok i know my dongle is definately a HASP4, How does this affect my process about emulating the dongle?

I will try the admin privileges aswell just to be sure.

nodongle 15Nov2012 08:40

Re: Hasp Software protection cracking.
hasp.dmp file is enough for HASP4.

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