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freespirit 26Sep2012 21:56

Ethical Hacking Partner Wanted

First time post and to be honest I am having a lot of trouble even posting on many sites using the term "Website Security Expert Wanted" let alone "Ethical Hacker Wanted"

Anyway I am looking for a potential business partner who is a genius when it comes to hacking. I would like to setup new online security company to do "Pen Testing" etc to protect SME & Corporate Clients.

Ideally looking for a reliable individual from the UK but dependent upon a number of factors may consider an individual from elsewhere.

Look forward to hearing from you.

denishverma 2Oct2012 13:48

Re: Ethical Hacking Partner Wanted
Dear Freespirit !
Can you explain the Roles of your partner ?

freespirit 2Oct2012 14:08

Re: Ethical Hacking Partner Wanted

I am looking for a partner who basically can identify and plug any vuLnerability.

Please send me a PM ONLY - if you have these skills.

Thank you


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