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tangara 26Sep2012 09:42

Checkout Express in Paypal
Hi forum experts,

I have a shopping cart in java and jsp but now am stuck at the paypal integration part.
Hope someone has done an e-commerce site and can share the how-to with me.
Basically, I want a fuss-free checkout. After the user is done with the purchase, they will be shown the total amount and the items they have bought, so do I create another checkout page where they enter their name, billing address, email, contact etc before send the information to paypal?

The servlet to send this information to paypal is it SetExpressCheckout or DoExpressCheckOutPayment?

Furthermore, I understand that GetExpressCheckOutDetails will allow one to post back the checkout page details to me for checking error, and I can leave this part out right?

Hope someone can help me on this. Thanks.

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