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MilanMoves 19Sep2012 00:17

Creative feedback wanted!

Background blathering
Recently I've been trying to learn about webdesign. This happened because I wanted to be able to create websites, for no reason. But now I'm really getting into it, I love the creative aspect of it and I MUST have all details perfect!

On topic material
So I'm building my first website and so far I think it's looking good. I'm a bit stuck now so please review two things for me.

1. Can you discover what the purpose of my website is?
2. How are the lay-out and the features, any improvements possible?

website adress: toptentelevision.com

Thank you for taking the time to help me improve! :shy:
- Milan

MilanMoves 19Sep2012 08:26

Re: Creative feedback wanted!
No one can help me? =O

shabbir 19Sep2012 08:56

Re: Creative feedback wanted!
You are asking for review and posted the thread in Web Design Forum

MilanMoves 20Sep2012 23:12

Re: Creative feedback wanted!
Haha I'm such a newbie! I really thought I had put this in the Website Review Forum. My bad!

MilanMoves 23Sep2012 06:10

Re: Creative feedback wanted!
The thread is placed in the right forum now. Is there a problem with my post?
I am so anxious to learn from everybody and to improve. Please help me out guys ^^

shabbir 23Sep2012 09:32

Re: Creative feedback wanted!
Yet another made for Adsense website.

MilanMoves 23Sep2012 19:23

Re: Creative feedback wanted!
Dear Shabbir,

I have to admit that I'd like to make some money with my website. After all I have put a lot of work into it.

The main purpose of this website is to advice people what to watch, and to give them a way to watch it for free. I think it's a fun concept.

Also, your review is perfect example of how NOT to review websites. No disrespect but that is what it says in the sticky thread.

Do you maybe ideas on how I can improve my website? =)


shabbir 23Sep2012 20:15

Re: Creative feedback wanted!
Milan, yes definitely you want to be making money from websites and that is perfectly fine but then having content in the midst of ads is something that makes me always think MFA site.

Now the aim of your site is you want people to advice what to watch but then I see that not an option anywhere. You have some links like Action and Adventure and then list some basic information about some TV shows based on some ranking. How did you rank those content and based on what is completely missing. I am not able to decide what you ranked something at top and other at bottom and what was your criteria.

Now coming to the earning aspect of your site.

Most of the sites wants to make money but that does not mean you will make tons of money if you have 3 units than one unit. Let us do some maths now.

Let's say you have 1000 PVs per day and you get $3 as eCPM (which is asking for too much but still) for 3 units. Now if you reduce two ad units and if you make $1 as eCPM then you will loose only $2 per day as earnings but that would mean now you have users who come to your site has less option to leave your site and enjoy your site with more views, shares and to an extent comment and interact with you.

Do you think that extra $2 is better or users on your site is better and if I see the second choice for new website, I can safely assume that they are not looking for a long term gain in the website. But when you have 10k Page Views per day the same numbers boil down to $20 per day and that becomes considerable amount and so you can trade some users for an ad.

So focusing on creating a website for users will ultimately make you more money.

Now take an example of Go4Expert where in 2005ish time I only had one ad unit because I never wanted my users to flee away and same things goes on any of my new sites now.

Many would disagree on my way of doing things and say that having ad right from the beginning sets your readers expectation and adding more ads can make your regular readers unhappy and so I prefer to have at least one ad for keeping the user expectation that ads are part of this website. See my blog I have only one ad though traffic on that blog is decent.

Now about your issue to disrespect which was never the intention but then there are lot of people who post in forums just to make sure they can link to their MFA site and add no value to the forum otherwise.

MilanMoves 23Sep2012 20:33

Re: Creative feedback wanted!
How we rated the sites is in the FAQ and on the about us page. Mybe I should intergrate that with the top 10 lists yes.

The idea was that people could look for a genre they would like to watch. And then see the best 10 movies for that genre. So then they know which movies they should watch.

You make an excellent point with focusing on the user. I was already doing that but I guess I have to really get to that!

And with no disrespect I meant that I was not trying to disrespect you.
I know that you are allmighty ^^

Thanks for the review I can get to work now! :D

prasanthsvvsn 19May2013 12:41

Re: Creative feedback wanted!
your site design colors are not so attractive. You used back as your background, use white or light white color. ok

Posts in main page are only 4. keep it at-least of 10. users love content.

you said that "get latest updates on facebook." so use like box.

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