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meetjsh 5Sep2012 19:30

Hiding IP.. Proxy Server vs VPN
Hi All,

I am trying to learn some hacking stuff. Before that I want to secure myself. Could someone pls let me know the process of it?
Furthermore, I read somewhere that Proxy servers keep logs, which can be traced back. Can VPN be used as alternative?

deepak_sam 11Sep2012 14:08

Re: Hiding IP.. Proxy Server vs VPN
Hi Meetjsh,
I dont understand how you will Use VPN for hacking other networks. Your Right, As you mentioned proxy servers usually track your IP in every 3 mins. So people can trace your IP.

1. Use multiple Proxy. I mean use a proxy server, Log into another Proxy server, Log into another proxy.
2. Use certain application like proxy changer in which you can jump from diffrent proxy serverin every 3 mins.. before they can track your ip information

meetjsh 12Sep2012 00:20

Re: Hiding IP.. Proxy Server vs VPN
Thanks Deepak,
but as knw..free proxy servers are not safe ...
I read somewhere about TOR..
Could someone pls guide me on this?

kityjohn 18Sep2012 13:53

Re: Hiding IP.. Proxy Server vs VPN
nice dear friends...please I need a free workable VPN?

meetjsh 19Sep2012 12:55

Re: Hiding IP.. Proxy Server vs VPN
below are the list for free VPN services. Link pls find in google :)... as would like to suggest dont use them for sensitive data as free proxy servers and definitely it will slow down the speed of net
TeamViewer 5- many people are using TeamViewer for desktop sharing
OpenVPN Shield Exchange
LogMeIn Hamachi

kityjohn 19Sep2012 19:07

Re: Hiding IP.. Proxy Server vs VPN
Thank you so much dear friend meetjsh.please put ur yahoo or skype id here .I have a few question about computer security and Rats..
I also know about crypters and Rats..please and still i have questions..please let me know...
can u bind Rats server file with a link....
thanks for quick reply...

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