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likeke34 7Feb2007 15:40

IP address question
Ok i have a question I hope you guys can help me with. My friend had his myspace profile hacked, sooo I sent his account a message from my myspace account to see if the person was reading it (he wasn't phishing, he was changing my friends page). In my message I sent him, I put an image from my server in it so I could catch his IP address...

Apparently it worked and I got their IP address, and I know who the IP belongs to, but it's someone we know who isn't the smartest guy with computers....

So my question is this: Is it possible to use someone elses IP to do things? for example, could someone, other than our friend be using our friends IP address???

I don't think it's possible, i mean i can't see it being possible, but who knows now days... I want to know before I confront them

ne response is appreciated

pradeep 7Feb2007 15:52

Re: IP address question
Well, when you use an anonymous proxy server it show's the IP of the proxy in the request not the original client machine's IP.
People may infect your computer with a trojan, which enables them to proxy through you machine and lots more.

likeke34 7Feb2007 15:59

Re: IP address question
hmm... so there is a way to do it then...

the thing is though, I used my own server to send messages to all my friends with a hidden or invisible GIF file in order to obtain their IP addresses so I could track whenever they went to my page...

And this exact IP address of the person who's logged into my friends hacked account belongs to someone I know... I sent my friends hacked account repeated GIF files to check the IP stayed the same... THEN, I went ahead and messaged the actual friend who the IP originally belonged too and it's still the same IP that belongs to my friend

so I'm guessing that it has to be her... But it's weird because she knows nothing about computers really, and I don't see why she'd want to hack my friends account... Plus they used that little quicktime hole to hack his account since he had spyspace, and they typed "PWND by SPYSPACE" in his headline... I just can't see her doing that... really lol...

but it is her IP address, so I need to be sure before I confront her

pradeep 7Feb2007 16:10

Re: IP address question
If you use a dial-up connection or if your ISP doesn't provide you static IP addresses, then everytime you logon you'll have a new IP address.

Totally_confused 2Jul2007 19:47

Re: IP address question

When registering onto one forum, it said that the forum would record or have my cookies or something...what does this mean? it said on the site that the cookies would track my internet use or something

Does that mean the administrator can track my identity down? what does the cookies show? the websites i visited? if so, does it show the data input i.e. the things ive put on that particular website or is it just the URL shown

Please please clear this up for me

And also, how can I get rid of the cookies, so that forum cannot have it


DaWei 2Jul2007 20:48

Re: IP address question
Please don't hijack another person's thread with a different question. You'll find an answer to your question in the HTML forum.

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