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jnastic 30Aug2012 07:04

Removal of USB dongle [educational]
Hello, I have a digital copy of a school manual. It only works with a USB dongle. I'd like to simply copy the program on the computer without having to insert the USB key everytime.

Can someone help me or refer me to some links or methods. Thank you.

nodongle 6Sep2012 09:13

Re: Removal of USB dongle [educational]
The methods of dongle removal depends from the dongle type.
What is your dongle type?

jnastic 7Sep2012 09:51

Re: Removal of USB dongle [educational]
How can I find that info ?
All I can say is that it is a USB key from "Les Éditions CEC".

nodongle 7Sep2012 10:47

Re: Removal of USB dongle [educational]
Seems it is a custom dongle type.
Please make logs via usbtrace tool.

skr706 8Apr2013 08:10

Re: Removal of USB dongle [educational]
What next after making the usbtrace?
I already have the usbtrace log of my dongle,can someone guide in this regard.

nodongle 8Apr2013 08:56

Re: Removal of USB dongle [educational]

Next operations will depends from your dongle type.
For example, for SafeNet HASP SRM type you need extract session AES key from the protected software and do decrypt the packet's data from usbtrace logs.

skr706 8Apr2013 12:09

Re: Removal of USB dongle [educational]
The log is of unikey dongle.
Software name-hypack
How to emulate?

nodongle 8Apr2013 13:06

Re: Removal of USB dongle [educational]
UNIKEY is a USB HID type.

You need analyze UNIKEY API, decipher packets and put correct data in USB HID key emulator.

skr706 8Apr2013 13:09

Re: Removal of USB dongle [educational]
How to do that?
Can u explain in simple steps.

dennyboy 19Jan2015 19:01

Re: Removal of USB dongle [educational]
Hi Nodongle,

iam new here, and hope you or other can help me
i have a HID-usb key Dongle used only for 1 software. can you help me to copy/crack it
want to use it on more pc's

thannks ;)

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