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The Alchemist 16Aug2012 21:11

[HELP]Making windows using C/C++
Im using Turbo C++(the good old software for C/C++ programming)... I've learnt quite an amount... Now, I want to learn how to make windows, buttons, boxes, etc(with the same software and same programming language)... But I don't have any idea where to begin with and I don't wanna install huge softwares like Visual Studio or something similar... Any suggestion where to begin with? Any help would be appreciated..

shabbir 16Aug2012 22:33

Re: [HELP]Making windows using C/C++
You should be doing Win32 Programming or MFC programming if you prefer MS product like Visual Studio

The Alchemist 16Aug2012 23:13

Re: [HELP]Making windows using C/C++
Ok... I'll google them and try them out...

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