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h2waldmann 8Aug2012 16:35

CheckIN CheckOUT System via php & MySql
Hi, is it possible to make a CheckIN and CheckOUT systen via php & MySql?

I want to make for our Club a programm to get how many visitors we have and how long they stay. I alredy have one, but it is in access and looks like sh...

The steps are simple:
1st: a visitor come and i press the male or female button
2nd: then i type the name an email in a formular
3th: i give the person a locker number. done.

When the visitor want to go home:
4th: i press the button checkOUT
5th: and then the locker number.
thats it.

now i want a extra button that show me how many visitors we have
- today
- yesterdy
- last week
- last month
- last year

hope you all undestand what i mean cause my english is not so good.

best regards

smohd 23Aug2012 11:55

Re: CheckIN CheckOUT System via php & MySql
Ya that is possible,
Lest me through some ideas here:
- In database, you will need some:
- table for rooms (room no, its status,engaged/not)
- visitors...
- daily infos
- Now after user come, select an empty room and assign him/her. Put information in daily usage info.
- If goes out, assign the appropriate value.
- To get current in, just query for count of all active.
- To get users of the certain day, query for count of the day (you will have field for date in your datbase)

pein87 24Aug2012 23:22

Re: CheckIN CheckOUT System via php & MySql
You could get a free time clock script that could handle this. Its easy to implement but you'd need to be able to keep track of the months, and days in each month. Are there a preset number of lockers or are they random numbers? Could you give me more details?

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