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arholub 28Jul2012 02:12

Error Trapping
Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010, C++

int main()
float x,y;
cout<<"Please enter a number greater than 3 and less than 9 ";cin>>x;
if(x<3 || x>9)
}while(x<3 || x>9);

more code for y....

Above code works fine for float x ; Want to trap error if x is ALPHA.
How???? (I haven't coded in a while)

xpi0t0s 29Jul2012 13:35

Re: Error Trapping
You would have to read the input into a string variable, then check if it's a valid number with a function like atoi(), and if not, throw a suitable error.

char buf[32];
fgets(buf,30,stdin); // order of params might be wrong
int num=atoi(buf);
if (num<3 || num>9) printf("Wrong\n");

arholub 30Jul2012 06:19

Re: Error Trapping
Thank you...good start...

need: float num=ATOF(buf);.....

Now working....

Really like this forum...Thanks again...

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