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j.smith1981 25Jul2012 15:35

GD imagecolortransparent not taking 100% background
Hi there,

I have a group of images or products I need to make transparent, the problem is the company we get images form don't provide them in transparent format and we are unable to ask them to do this because of the way they source their images (i.e. not the true HD ones where we would be able to do this).

The company we get the images from use .jpg format with no transparency. They will also be compressed (hence my problem).

The main problem that is actually occurring is that when I try and convert the images to a transparent background, it's not appreciating right up to the product image itself. Like I will have an image of a hi fi and it still leaves white parts around the actual hi fi itself.

Is there anyway of going right up to the actual image of a product at all?

Thanks for your time,

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