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delboy1987 22Jul2012 22:58

Help comany page hacked
Hi I am new to this but i need help from some one. I have a company page on face book which I gave access to someone now he has removed me and everyone else as admins and is black mailing us for money for it back. I have gone blue in the face searching facebook for help and written to them many times can some one out there please help me :crazy:

shabbir 23Jul2012 10:21

Re: Help comany page hacked
If you make someone as admin Facebook warns you of what could happen and that has happened exactly with you.

delboy1987 23Jul2012 17:23

Re: Help comany page hacked
yes i do understand its my own fault but what am i meant to do now ? Id rather pay some one to get it back for me than to pay this guy. thanks for your reply

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