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namsey 17Jul2012 04:55

Help Please - Urgent
Hi guys,

I bought an industrial CNC router which should have been provided with a certain software which is installed on the machine. They charged me a fortune nearly 12000 for the software but they have only given me access to half of it. They never told us that's what they were going to do, we got a demo for the full software package and I was assured thats what I would get. As the contract stated CNC with software, doesn't specify exactly what I was going to get, they are now trying to make me pay another 9000 for the rest of the software.

I can't afford to pay that amount as a new business and after enquirying the manufacturer, the package is actually 1/2 the price they trying to make me pay but the manufacturer can't do anything as I have bought it for a reseller and I have to deal with them, they don't want to upset the company as they put a lot of business their way. The actual price of the software is only 9000 in total but this company is making me pay for it through the nose. I have asked them for another dongle for the laptop but they want 4000 for it??? I have a new CNC machine sat there not working becasue I don't have the software I have paid for but they are making me pay the installement every month.

I have also found out that the company didn't buy a new software package for us, they transferred it from another company which only costs 900 but I've paid 10 times that amount. Any help would be appreciated. Please send me a PM and I will let you know the name of the software.

We're going to go bust before we've even started.:cryin:

Is there anything I can do to get full access????

shabbir 17Jul2012 09:06

Re: Help Please - Urgent
And how it should be related to help and support forum where you ask question for better use of the forum.

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