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Shweta_N 13Jul2012 04:13

Change the system partition in Windows XP
Hi Everyone

This might seem a stupid question but honestly I dont know what to do here and I have googled for solutions but no luck.

I attached two hard disks (Disk 1 and Disk 2) to an old computer system while installing Windows XP. Disk 1 is IDE and Disk 2 is SATA.

I wanted to install Windows XP on Disk 1. Disk 2 was meant for another newer computer but since it had some data that I wanted to copy to disk 1 after installation of windows therefore I kept it connected to the old computer before installing windows.

Even though I have installed windows on a partition on Disk 1, it has still made the first partition of Disk 2 as the system partition and placed boot.ini and other system files in the root directory of that partition on Disk 2.

Now when I detach Disk 2 from the older system, the computer wont boot even though the windows installation is there on Disk 1. The computer boots only when Disk 2 is also present.

So here is my question:

Is there a way I can copy boot information from Disk 2 to Disk 1 so that the computer can boot without Disk 2.

Thanks in advance.

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