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vinay.1899 11Jul2012 00:49

DbManager.h header file not found.
Hi iam using visual studio 2008. I want to retrieve some data from oracle database using c++. But iam not able to compile the code given below. I dont know where iam lacking. I have already included the path in the projectsetting required to find occi.h and also included the path for dlls. I am using oracle 11g. can any body help me on this. Iam searching for the solution for a solution or guidance from past one week. I googled alt but did'nt goyt any solution. Please see the code below.

// Connection to DataBase.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.

#include "stdafx.h"

#define WIN32COMMON

#include <occi.h>
using namespace oracle::occi;
using namespace std;

class DataBaseConnectionTest
    void test()
const string sqlstring("select * from info ");

    DbManager *db=new DbManager(system);
    OracleServices *os=db->getoracleServices();

    Connection *conn=os->connection();
    Statement *st=conn->createStatement(sqlstring);
ResultSet *rs=st->executeQuery();
    string name;
cout<<name<<" "<<'\n';
catch(SQLException& se)
    cout<<"Error Occured"<<"\n";

void main()
    DataBaseConnectionTest *dbc=new DataBaseConnectionTest();

Any help will be greatly appriciated.

vinay.1899 12Jul2012 00:53

Re: DbManager.h header file not found.
Hi any body can please help me ! how to get rid of this problem. I searched in other forums also but did'nt found anything related to this.

xpi0t0s 12Jul2012 19:14

Re: DbManager.h header file not found.
You need the code for DbManager - that is, the library that defines the code and the header that defines the functions. This is not part of OCCI. Have a look around wherever you got the above test code.

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