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zoomzilla 7Jul2012 02:19

Seeking skills and possible jobs in IT, need guidance
Hello everyone,
I have registered on this forum because I think someone here might be able to help me discover a skill or skills I don't know I have.
I am looking for a career change, or more specifically, a career. I have worked low paying, low appreciation type jobs my entire life and I want a change. I think something in IT would suit me as I have always had a general interest in software and computers. I don't have any particular skills but I do catch on quickly and put in enormous effort when trying to learn some aspect of whatever software I'm using.
I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I already have a college degree which is going to waste(B.S. English) so I'm not particularly looking for another 30 grand in debt. If there were an associates program that I could complete for under 6 grand I would consider it.
Otherwise, I'm interested in learning the skills and obtaining some kind of certification that would help me in the job market. I'm not looking to make big bucks, anything better than $10/hr would be a blessing. I am at a point in my life that I want to get paid for my knowledge, not my time. I am a completely blank slate and am willing to work from the bottom but I just don't know what is available to me. If anyone could point to some good certifications or programs that I could use to get even an entry level position in the IT industry I would be grateful. Thanks for reading and thanks for any help.

shabbir 7Jul2012 09:06

Re: Seeking skills and possible jobs in IT, need guidance
Before this thread gets spammed, I will suggest you few resources and close the thread.



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